Welcome to fMREYE

Visualize the brain like never before

View your data like never before It'll blow your mind.

Functional connections pop out of the screen through our innovative edge bundling techniques. Flow patterns in the brain between regions are easily identifiable. Dynamic querying through search or exploring the brain with focused clicks allow the user full control of the brain for exploration

A multiview display to revolutionize brain imaging See for yourself.

With three different views to bolster user interaction with the data, fMREYE redefines how researchers interact with functional data. Three levels of abstraction are used to immediately give the researcher a simultaneous view of the brain's important connections.

Crowdsourced brains Upload, Download, View

All uploaded data is stored in a common repository, so you can view your uploaded data or the matrices of other researchers from any institution.

The Team

Abdelwahab Bourai

Coding Lead

Sarah Churng

Design Lead

Conrad Egan

Animation Lead

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